Sara White

Sara White

Co-Owner of CLT Residential

Sara White was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. It was while attending college in Tennessee that she met her husband, the late Reggie White. They were married twenty years prior to his death in 2004.

Sara believes that people must invest their lives into the lives of children; she exclaims, “it is the time that we spend with our own kids as well as other young people that will mold this world.” In Sara’s life, this means raising several children including son, Jeremy now 29, and daughter, Jecolia now 27 and her niece Shari Smith who is only 2 days older than Jecolia. She also helped raise 3 other kids. Success to Sara means impacting her own family with the love of the Messiah and sharing HIS love to others.

Sara hold degrees in Marketing and Management from Memphis University. In 1994, Sara and Reggie created Urban Hope, now known as E-HUB which offers work ethics, business training and development and a comprehensive twelve week course followed by peer to peer follow up. Since its fruition, E-Hub is now in 6 cities and 3 states. There has been over 1500 businesses impacted. Today, there are still over 750 businesses thriving. She is one of the founders of Charlotte’s premier community bank, New Dominion Bank, which opened January, 2005. Because of her passion for people, she offers first time home buyers’ seminars that promote credit repair, budgeting and home ownership. You can find Sara teaching students classes like budgeting, financing and getting ready for their future at JC Smith University. In 2010, Sara and here partner Karla Roberts put their heart and vision together and created an unique real estate company; CLT Residential. Her daughter, Jecolia who holds 2 Masters in Mental Health Counseling and Psychology will be joining the CLT in the Summer of 2016 after she finishes her contract with CMS. Her son, Jeremy is a Kindergarten teacher at a CMS title 1 school in which he has convinced his 20 kids that teamwork is more important than individuality. This teaching came from their parents and of course as parents, we are thrilled when they listen. Sara’s niece Shari is a RN at the emergency room in Atlanta GA where she too gives with excitement her gifts to those in need.

She has also served on the YMCA, Allegro, A Place of Hope and many other groups that help the growth and success of people in the Charlotte area.

Sara will continue to promote family values, entrepreneurship, and compassion for kids. She has ministered to thousands of women and military bases. Her six years of being an officer in the Army has helped her to communicate to all genres of people. All these parts of her life has helped her with her real estate career; there isn’t any type of group she hasn’t touched personally.

In all that she does, Sara is not shy about her commitment to THE Messiah and the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.