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Detective Faye Strother

Detective Faye Strother

CMPD – Domestic Violence Unit

Detective Faye Strother of the Domestic Violence Unit has been working in law enforcement for slightly over 28 years. She grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina and attended Winston-Salem State University where she obtained her Bachelors of Science Degree in Physical Education. She was recently inducted into the WSSU Softball Hall of Fame. She is also an Earl “The Pearl” Monroe Legacy recipient. She truly believes in the Winston-Salem State University motto “Enter to Learn, and Depart to Serve”.

Detective Strother joined the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department in 1988 where she worked in patrol for approximately 6 years, and then became one of the founding mothers of the newly formed Domestic Violence Unit. She met with different families on a daily basis with help improve their quality of life by educating, connecting them to community services and holding perpetrators’ accountable for breaking laws that were responsible for tearing families apart up until 2008. Faye then became a member of the newly formed Assault with Deadly Weapon Unit where she investigated serious assaults in the Charlotte area that resulted into homicides often times. After spending several years in the ADW Unit; she became a member of the Homicide Unit where she investigated numerous homicides where major arrests were made and successfully prosecuted. She returned back to the Domestic Violence Unit for several more years realizing that many issues could be addressed in the family structure to avoid a repeat cycle of violence in the family as well as the community. Faye is currently transitioning into the Community Engagement Unit with CMPD where she is excited about continuing her efforts to now protect and serve the community by being involved with first-time juvenile offenders in the Juvenile Diversion Program. This program will allow juveniles between 6-17 years old an opportunity to redirect their behavior by working on interpersonal skills through workshops that involve conflict resolution, goal setting, academic achievement, decision making, risk taking and substance abuse. Once the juvenile successfully completes the program the criminal charge is diverted away from the Criminal Justice System which in essence gives the child a second chance at a bright future.