A note from our CEO

At Worth Financial Advisory Group we always seek to provide excellent customer service and tools that add value to your overall financial profile, all in the name of integrity. Today I am excited to announce that we have collaborated with LifeLock, the identity theft protection company, to provide protection for you at a discounted rate.

I am sure you are aware that within the past year major corporations such as Home Depot, Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, UPS, and most recently America’s largest bank, JP Morgan Chase, have experienced data breaches that have affected hundreds of millions of people. Likewise, many of our clients are aware that I was the victim of identity theft in 2005. This horrific travesty not only threatened me financially, but ultimately I loss time and opportunities that no amount of money can restore. It took years for me to clear everything up and now I have a greater confidence and peace of mind because I have the identity protection that I think is a necessity.

Trust me, this is not a commercial. As your trusted advisor, I can say I’ve been there and I want to do my part to make sure this never happens to you. I want to ensure that you have the confidence and peace of mind that I now have.

If you would like to begin this service, please contact us for further instructions at 704.731.0121. Thank you for being a loyal and valued client.


Chief Executive Officer®
Worth Financial Advisory Group

LifeLock, the leader in identity theft protection, works relentlessly to protect their members’ identities so they can live freely with confidence in an always-connected world. From early detection and alerts to world-class remediation, LifeLock has the tools to help make personal information safer and more secure, giving members peace of mind.



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