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2 out of 10 WomenFewer than two in 10 women feel “very prepared” to make wise financial decisions*
86%Eighty-six percent of women do not know how to invest or choose a financial product*
$16,000 per yearWomen 65 years old rely on a medium income around $16,000 a year**
poverty lineWomen are almost twice as likely as men to live below poverty line during retirement**.

Why We Help?

At Worth Advisors, our tradition stems from our founder witnessing at the early age of 11 his single mother receiving and following unwise financial advice that resulted in the loss of everything. This was the beginning of years of research, countless hours of preparation, and a commitment that his mother would never have to endure such hardship again.

As a result, many years later Worth Advisors is still committed to ensuring that women receive the appropriate financial guidance necessary to avoid financial mistakes.

At the core of our very existence is the goal to make your dreams a reality and cement your legacy for generations to come. We understand the inequitable challenges that all women must face and we’re here to help you embrace the fact that you are Worth More. You can rest assured that we will provide the level of service that we provide for our own mother.

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