How Ten Percent Is Greater Than Twelve

Those who have chosen to work with Worth Advisors, LLC understand the answer to the title’s questions. To better understand what we are talking about, consider the following choice: You meet with a team of financial advisors who guarantee that if you invest with them, they will get you a 12% return. Before you commit to anything, you hear about another team, say Worth Advisors, LLC, who have earned their past clients a 10% return on their investment. What decision are you inclined to make?

Even though we used ourselves as people who will generate a smaller return, most people will read the previous hypothetical question and answer that the only obvious answer is to go with the more considerable return. If you arrive at the same conclusion, you are not alone. People are inclined to go with the 12% because they assume it is the best way to accumulate wealth. However, they aren’t seeing the whole picture. 

Let Us Explain

Investing is merely one component of the overall whole. Even if another firm can generate a more significant return, it may not be able to increase your wealth in the way that Worth Advisors, LLC can. Look at it another way: Would you rather get a 12% return on your investment or save $400,000? When you look at it that way, the answer is more apparent. And it is also the mindset that our financial advisors have adopted. 

Net worth is your most important metric. The person who jumped at the 12% over the 10% return doesn’t realize there are several ways to increase your net worth significantly. There are ways to save money in every facet of your life, extending well beyond investing. It equates to how you have financed your home and how much you can save in taxes, estate planning, and accountability. We look at all these elements, which are unique to the client, and find ways they can increase their net worth. Though it may not sound as fancy or lucrative as investing (which we will assist you with), you can save money simply by choosing the right credit card type. If you and your family decide to enhance your life by traveling, finding an appropriate credit card with travel rewards could save you tens of thousands of dollars a year. 

Look at the Larger Picture

Most people will elaborate on the safety of diversifying your portfolio, but you also must consider expanding how you build overall wealth. Our advisors look at the entirety of your life and the goals you have set and work with you in myriad ways. 

  • Budgeting & saving
  • Investing over the long term rather than “timing the market.”
  • Increasing your income 
  • Reducing debt 
  • Owning real estate as part of a reliable investment strategy
  • Finding ways to maximize your retirement contributions
  • Helping you shape and build the business you want to begin

Increase Your Net Worth
Getting the most out of your investments is only one of the ways we assist our clients. Getting a 12% return on your investment may be eradicated if you pay more taxes than you should. This is why you should speak with Sherise Jones, a CPA who assists clients with minimizing their tax burden—which is likely your largest liability. We aim to empower you to make better, wiser, and more effective financial decisions. By working with us, find new and innovative ways to increase your net worth. Contact our office today and set up a consultation.