We Want To Be Part Of The Solution

Today, we are discussing how and why it is important to close the financial literacy gap between men and women. The poorly-conceived stereotypes connected to gender and money are inaccurate as they are harmful. For example, there are surveys that show that millennial men are almost three times more likely to marry someone who can pay off their debts. Although we are not here to dispel every misconception regarding gender and money, it is essential to discuss why it is so fundamental. 

People live longer—and women, on average, tend to live five years longer than men. It is paramount to have the ability to accumulate long-term wealth. Financial literacy is a prerequisite thereof. What’s particularly staggering is that women have made tremendous progress. They are well represented in higher education and the workplace. The Stanford Center on Longevity says, “… the gender gap in financial literacy persists regardless of age, education level, and marital status.” 

The Root of the Issue

Although what we are about to discuss may seem abstract, it is based on the findings of a survey conducted by the Stanford Center for Longevity. Their survey was taken by people ranging from 20-94. The questions were meant to determine two things: confidence and their level of involvement in financial decision-making, 

The results concluded that women were less confident than men when making financial decisions. However, that conclusion did not apply to all financial decisions. In terms of the types of financial decisions we encounter on a daily basis, men and women were equally able to navigate them. Regarding major decisions (the kinds involved in long-term financial planning), women had lower scores. The survey asserted that this wasn’t due to a lack of knowledge but a lack of confidence. 

We Are Working to Be Part of the Solution

One of our core beliefs at Worth Advisors, LLC, is that financial planning is for everyone. Regardless of your financial situation or gender, you deserve to reap the benefits of having a sound financial future. Another component that makes us uniquely qualified to assist you is that we have a licensed mental health counselor (LMHC) on our staff. In addition to being the Chief Operating Officer, he helps a wide range of people working through difficult times or struggling to make decisions—some of which we have already discussed in this article. 
Wherever you are in life, regardless of your circumstances, you can come into Worth Advisors knowing that we offer a holistic approach to financial planning. Our role is to support and empower you to make the types of decisions that will positively impact your future. Give us and call, so we can learn more about how we can serve you.