Invest in Yourself – March 2017

Notes from The Financial Shepherd

Why Dollars + Change = Sense by Glen Wright and Sy Pugh


Proper investing allows you to purchase into tangible companies, products, and services that meet a real need or supply a demand. True investing correlates with the cycle of business and the production of goods and services, not a whim, lucky numbers, or a hunch. Even still, it is important to seek out qualified professionals to lessen the chances of losing in the market. And remember there are some strategies that allow you to participate in market gains, but not market losses (Index Annuity). Did you know that (former) Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has nearly all of his retirement dollars in annuities? Not a bad strategy. And if it is good enough for the chairman of the FED, then it might work for you as well.


When you invest in the stock market you are literally buying companies. The stronger and larger the company, the better the odds are for success. For example, we know Walmart probably will not be going away anytime soon. Also, investing allows you to participate in the collective brain trust of experts and access the experience of successful people. I often hear people say that because they didn’t go to the “right” school or get in the “right” circles, they can’t succeed on a higher level. That is not the case. Although you may not know John Bogle personally (Vanguard Funds Founder) and may not have his Ivy-league education, you can still invest in his Vanguard mutual funds and benefit from the company’s expertise. Investing opens a whole new world!


The people who are most successful in life are those who envision the future-based version of themselves and use their present-day self to plan on achieving that goal. Our God is a God of vision, and not just for today. We can learn a lot from other people who are already where we want to be in life. We can pray to God to send us the right people to help guide us down the path to financial independence so that we don’t get misled by wolves in Financial Shepherd clothing. If you desire to be wealthy, you have to purposely meet with professionals who are trained to work with wealthy individuals and who know how to grow and maintain wealth. Also, if you know someone who has amassed wealth the right way, don’t let your pride get in the way of reaching out to them.