Worth More Weekly- Sharing Our Stories

Are you looking for a platform to read about key financial concepts, learn about social issues such as upward mobility and the wage gap, and get to know your team at Worth Advisors? Look no further than Worth More Weekly, Worth Advisors’ first official blog. We created Worth More Weekly to further connect with our community through articles, polls, quizzes, interviews, and media. We want to share our stories.

Speaking of stories, a famous Native American proverb states,

“The one who tells the stories rules the world.”

Hopi Proverb

This proverb can be interpreted in many ways, but most interpretations hint at the same underlying message: stories are powerful. At Worth More Weekly, we believe in the power of stories, which is why we want to share them through blog posts. These blog posts are a form of storytelling because they communicate information about people, places, and things, often with a beginning, middle, and end. Some posts may highlight a specific team member’s experiences, while others may discuss current news and events. Through sharing stories about various financial and social topics that affect our community, Worth More Weekly aims to strengthen and inform our relationships.

However, for the sake of clarification, let’s make a distinction between storytelling and sharing stories. The phrases appear synonymous, but storytelling typically involves a single, authoritative speaker, while sharing stories implies a conversation, a back-and-forth exchange of ideas; it’s relationship-oriented. Worth More Weekly aims for the latter term, for though Worth Advisors is your financial advising team, we value your concerns and suggestions. That’s why some blog posts will be interactive, taking on forms such as quizzes and polls. Other posts may include a comments sections where readers can express their thoughts. Worth Advisors is committed to causes concerning social mobility and the financial status of women, so we will also share the stories of those affected by these issues.

In addition to the relational benefits of sharing stories, sharing stories also encourages personal reflection. Whether it comes in the form of a blog post, a press release, or a journal entry, when you decide to share a story, you are forced to look within yourself and find the essential truth of your message. For example, in college, many professors ask students to complete course evaluations at the end of the semester. In order to write a thoughtful evaluation, students should consider their initial expectations, the effectiveness of the teaching methods, and how the course has enriched or impaired their academic experience. Similarly, as Worth More Weekly generates content, we need to examine our own financial knowledge, the effectiveness of our communication, and what our community needs and wants to read.

As indicated by the name, Worth More Weekly will share stories weekly in the form of informative articles, staff interviews, Charlotte narratives, polls, quizzes, and more. Since Worth More Weekly strives to facilitate sharing, not telling, please share with us: What topics would you like to see covered? Do you follow any other financial blogs? What other questions do you have? Let us know in the comments!